My Newest Children's Book

The Girls with Curls are back, but if you’ve read Girls with Curls: The True Tales of Girls with Curly Hair, you’d remember there was a new curly-headed addition to the family. Everyone gets a chance to be a hair bear, but this hair bear is a bit different.


This curly-headed girl loves her curls and wouldn’t go a day without them. The problem is trying to get her sisters to feel the same way about their own hair.


Find out why this hair bear can’t get enough of her curls!


Hair Bear: A Tale of Curly Hair Love was recently a fully funded Kickstarter project allowing me to cover printing costs. to get books printed. Go to the link below to order your copy of Hair Bear.

Girls with Curls: The True Tales of Girls with Curly Hair

How is your children’s relationship with the brush? Better yet, how does it all go down when it’s time to sit them down to comb and brush their hair each morning during the rush for school?

You and your children will be sure to enjoy this book about these little girls and their world of curls. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to getting your hair done in this house.

You might find their reactions familiar, but within the story, you’ll also read a story about acceptance and loving who you are. Every single one of our features makes us unique, even our curly hair! 

If you’d like to order a signed copy of Girls with Curls: The True Tales of Girls with Curly Hair click the link. 

Girls with Curls


Journals can be a fun way to get kids writing. Kids love to doodle, write down silly thoughts, or important ones too when there isn’t the pressure to do it. I’ve always loved journaling since I was very young. Today, my kids love when I buy them little notebooks to write in, even if it is writing their Christmas or Birthday lists a gazillion times when it’s 10 months away! Journaling can bring out the young writer in your child, and allow them to engage in thoughtful thoughts (if that makes sense). Check out some of the journals I have available for purchase. 

Happiness Journal
Girls with Curls Journal